Food Integrity Global 2024


The Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam

10th - 11th September

Carlotte Lucas

Carlotte Lucas

Senior Corporate Engagement Manager

The Good Food Institute Europe

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Carlotte Lucas is the senior corporate engagement manager at the Good Food Institute Europe. The Good Food Institute Europe is an international NGO helping to build a more sustainable, healthy and just food system by transforming meat production. Carlotte works with companies and investors across the globe to drive investment, accelerate innovation, and scale the supply chain of alternative proteins—all faster than market forces alone would allow.

Before joining GFI Europe, Carlotte worked at Deloitte as a change management consultant, supporting companies through large-scale transformations. Carlotte has degrees in business and international studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Session 7

2.15 – 2.45 pm

Cultured Meat

Future or Fad?

This panel will critically examine the role of cultured meat in the future of food. Experts will discuss the viability, sustainability, and ethical considerations of lab-grown meat as a potential solution to meet global food demands. They will explore whether cultured meat is a sustainable trend or a temporary fad. The debate will also touch on consumer acceptance, regulatory challenges, and the potential impact on traditional meat industries. This session aims to provide a balanced perspective on the feasibility and future prospects of cultured meat in our food systems.

Carlotte Lucas with GFI Europe logo
Carlotte Lucas

Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, GFI Europe

Robert Jones with Mosa Meat logo
Robert Jones

Vice-President, Global Public Affairs, Mosa Meat

Caroline Wilschut with Meatable logo
Caroline Wilschut

Chief Commercial Officer at Meatable


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