Food Integrity Global 2024


The Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam

10th - 11th September

10th September

11th September

Day 2

15th September

Opening Keynote

9.00 – 9.30 am

Fortifying Food Sovereignty

A Resilience Roadmap

In our Day 2 keynote, Professor Chris Elliott will address the critical issue of food sovereignty, emphasizing strategies for nations to bolster their food security. This insightful talk will explore how countries can build resilience against the backdrop of dwindling resources and increasing global demands. It will also probe into the future of international trade policies in the context of food scarcity, questioning if a more protective stance is imminent.

Chris Elliot with Queens University logo
Professor Chris Elliott

President, Institute of Food Science and Technology

Panel Discussion

9.30 – 10.15 am

Clean Label

A Trojan Horse for food waste?

As consumers demand manufacturers shift to clean labels in their products, do we run the risk of creating more food waste, as key preservatives are omitted? How do we communicate the science of ingredients to consumers in a more effective way?

Pieter Paul Lamers with Kerry logo
Pieter Paul Lamers

Vice President of New Business Development, Kerry

10.15 – 10.45 am

Morning Coffee Break


10.45 – 11.15 am

Deforestation Legislation

What does it mean for food?

In June 2023, landmark legislation was enacted to ensure that no EU citizen consumes products linked to deforestation. Join experts as they dissect the implications of this directive specifically for the food and beverage sector.

Gain valuable insights into compliance, supply chain transparency, and the ripple effects on industry practices to ensure that you are equipped to deal with this new age of green legislation as the continent strives to create a greener food sector.  

Anne Richmond with Moy Park logo
Dr. Anne Richmond

Director of Research and Development, Moy Park


11.15 – 11.55 am

Defining Food Safety Culture

In the dynamic F&B sector, the term “food safety culture”, is frequently use but its practical implementation remains somewhat of a puzzle.

Some of the biggest food safety minds will unravel the concept and guide F&B manufacturers and retailers on effective strategies for integration. This session aims to equip participants with actionable insights to foster a culture of food safety, rather than just talking about it. 

Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez

Quality Assurance VP, The Wendy’s Company

Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn

Senior QA Director, Papa John’s Pizza

Panel Discussion

11.55 – 12.15 am

Global Race in Cannabis-Infused Foods

A Comparative Analysis

This session explores the rapidly evolving landscape of the cannabinoid food industry, contrasting North America’s advancements with Europe’s approach. It will delve into the implications for European manufacturers and predict future market trends, discussing who might emerge as leaders in this innovative and controversial sector. Join us for a comprehensive analysis of the global cannabinoid food industry’s current state and its potential future directions.

12.15 – 1.15 pm

Lunch Break


1.15 – 1.55 pm

The Cost of Going Green

Who Bears the Burden?

This engaging panel discussion tackles the economic implications of sustainable practices. As manufacturers increasingly focus on eco-friendly products, the session will debate the fairness and feasibility of passing the additional costs to consumers. Is sustainability inherently linked to higher prices, and if so, who should shoulder these expenses? Join us for a riveting debate as industry leaders unpack the complex issues of financing sustainable practices in the food industry and the ethical considerations of pricing.

Thomas Ryan with Tirlan logo
Thomas Ryan

Head of Sustainability, Tirlan


1.55 – 2.15 pm

Learning from the Past

Successes and Failures in Food Recall Management

This engaging session is designed to dissect real-world examples of food recalls, examining both successful operations and notable failures within the industry. By analysing these case studies, participants will gain a deeper understanding of best practices in recall management, the pitfalls to avoid, and the critical elements that contribute to effectively handling a food safety crisis.


2.15 – 2.55 pm

Dark Kitchens

Navigating the New Frontier in Food Delivery and Safety

As the demand for food delivery surges, “dark kitchens” have emerged as a revolutionary model in the culinary world. These delivery-only kitchens promise efficiency and convenience but also pose unique food safety challenges. This session will explore the rise of dark kitchens, examining their impact on the food industry, operational practices, and the implications for food safety standards.

Sung Poblete with FARE logo
Sung Poblete

CEO, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education)

2.55 – 3.25 pm

Coffee Break


3.25 – 3.55 pm

GMO Silver Bullet?

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the fervor surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at our event. Delve into the pivotal question: Can GMOs truly serve as the silver bullet for climate concerns and bolster global food security, or do they pose unacceptable risks? Experts will dissect the environmental impacts, addressing biodiversity and soil health concerns, while shedding light on the safety and long-term effects of GMOs on public health.

Engage in discussions on the socio-economic ramifications, exploring their influence on traditional farming and global agricultural dynamics.

With the EU seemingly moving towards wider GMO acceptance to move in line with other markets, this discussion is as important now as it ever has been.


3.55 – 4.15 pm

Fireside Chat Regulator Q&A

This is your chance to find out the answer to the most important questions in your field by asking our European regulator. Whether it’s about food safety culture, new legislation, or a new threat you’re seeing in your supply chain, we’ll have the ear of some of the most regulatory officials on the continent for this crucial session.

Bernadette Ossendorp with NVWA logo
Bernadette Ossendorp

Chief Food Safety Officer, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority


4.15 – 4.55 pm


How do we get better at harmonising food safety standards?

While stringent standards are vital for a secure food system, the variability of regulations across countries poses challenges. Join experts in a nuanced discussion on the feasibility and benefits of international standardisation for a more secure supply chain.  

Delve into the complexities surrounding harmonising food safety measures globally, considering the diverse socio-economic landscapes. Attendees will gain insights into the potential advantages and pitfalls of creating a unified framework, ultimately aiming for a comprehensive understanding of the path towards a secure and standardised global food system. 

Steven Mandernach with Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) logo
Steven Mandernach

Executive Director, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)

4.45 – 4.50 pm

Closing Remarks